Terms And Condition

Regarding Id Blocking !!!!!!!!

Dear All, Zero Pin IDs will be blocked by the system automatically after 45 days, All Zero Pin IDs validity will be 45 days from registration date. We are pleased to serve you and your kind co-operation is very much required to facilitate you. Team Axil

Distributor Agreement / Terms & conditions

  • I hereby confirm that I have attained the age of 18 years prior to my application for distributor registration to Axil Core Business Private Ltd.
  • I shall become distributor upon acceptance of the application by Axil and not an employee, agent or to be partner of the company. As a distributor I shall have the right to present/market the service and products offer by Axil in accordance with the marketing and Compensation plan and statement of the policy, which may be amended from time by the Axil, at this sole discretion.
  • I have carefully read and understood the Axil marketing Plan and statement of Policies and acknowledge that they are incorporated as part of this agreement in their present form and as modified from and as modified from time by Axil at it sole discretion.
  • I understood that as the distributor in Axil, I have to follow the marketing system designed/approved/amended from time to time. It is my duty to know,update and understand system related information available through News Letters or Axil website.
  • I agree to pay all state, federal and provincial taxes resulting from activities as a distributor. All taxes are to be calculated and deducted from the earned commissions. Also I authorize Axil to provide me the Consolidated Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Certificate at the end of the financial year. Providing a self attested copy of PAN within one month of my joining at Axil is my responsibilities and any penalty (Fixed by income Tax Department) due to non providing PAN shall be payable by me. Also that if I fail to provide PAN by 31st March of the Financial Year, Axil will not issue me TDS Certificate for that Financial Year. I understand that the commission are paid to Distributor only form actual sales made/ Marketed by my team of Axil under Axil Compensation plan.
  • I Also agree that Axil can use my name and photo for promotions/ demonstration or Advertisement propose and I will not claim or ask for compensation in any form, for the same.
  • It is my duty to understand and learn the business plan with the help of upline/business seminar/ Training program. I acknowledge that my improve personality and leadership quality will help my Team’s performance, therefore I shall participate and follow the axil design (for modified) system of events.
  • The figure and numbers used in presenting the compensation plan are just form the demonstration and illustration purpose only.
  • Distributors shall not sell any Axil Product for a price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) but may sell any Axil Product for a price lower than MRP.
  • Axil shall deduct the TDS charges/Service tax (if applicable) from the incentive to be made to the distributor as per the Government rules.
  • Axil shall be entitled to deduct the amount from commission due, distributor default on payments due on purchased or any other payables. In addition, defaults on payments due form the purchase from axil shall be basis form termination of distributors and / or such legal action, as the Axil considers appropriate.
  • All commission, benefits earned will be paid only after the processing or closing of cycle.Each distributor shall have the individual identity to deal with the company.
  • Axil will not be responsible for any delay and in failure in performance which is beyond the control of the Axil through changes in Government Policies.
  • Axil Reserves the right to change, alter, amend, add, delete, erase, any existing term in any circumstance as per the wish and desire of Axil without given any explanation to the distributor.
  • A distributor will not make medical claims for any Axil Product or specifically product as suitable for the treatment of any specific aliment under no circumstance should Axil Product likened to drug products prescribed for medical or ailment treatments.
  • I acknowledge that I have bought products from Axil as a free decision. The Product bought is not under any false impression or for any projected conditions.
  • I release Axil from all liabilities against payment made by me because I have live the product and have bought them on my free will.
  • Axil and their service provider are entitled to make calls and send promotional messages on my mobile number.
  • Re-Packing of any Axil Product is forbidden.
  • Any dispute, differences or claim arising of this agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration and shall be referred to the sole arbitrator appointed in accordance with arbitration and conciliation Act.1996. The place of arbitration shall be luck now, (U.P), India and subject to jurisdiction of lucknow courts.
  • Each distributor shall have the individual identity to deal with the company.